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Get all 4 books from the ‘English for the 21st Century Learner’ series, so you can learn current hot topics and conversation trends, in a quick and fun way.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You want to learn English for work, school, or maybe just as a personal goal. 

But learning the same vocabulary and grammar day in and day out, semester after semester, year after year…is just not realistic. 

Not to mention, booooring.

Ever been at a loss for words in a business or social situation because you didn’t know how or what to order with your clients? 

Well, after you learn English with this unique learning system, you’ll be able to “dish it out” with the best of them!

With English for the 21st Century Learner, you will *finally* learn realistic English…

English that native speakers actually use.

And you can learn it without having to sit through any boring and tedious reading, like most typical English books on the market.


Can you imagine how AMAZING it would be to speak English like a native speaker?


To understand and be able to converse about current trends and topics in English, like you’ve been speaking English for years?


English for the 21st Century Learner will help you achieve this!


With learning methods that are EXCITING, STIMULATING, and FUN…


This book features up-to-date and modern vocabulary, grammar and slang, rather than the typical English you have been learning about your whole life.


What is it that makes English for the 21st Century Learner so different?

Fun Topics of Interest

These books are not your common run of the mill textbooks. You will study about English that is being used by native speakers, topics of interest, slang, and fun grammar (yes, there is such a thing)! 

Not Your Typical English Books

Looking for something that breaks the mold? Then you’ve come to the right place. With fun content, group projects, puzzles, puzzles, puzzles, art and of course, SPEAKING. These books focus on fun methodology, rather than the norm.

Learn Today’s English 

Enjoy learning modern English on your own, with a friend or classmates in collaboration with learners from your own village, school, or around the world.

student-centered learning

Enjoy Learning Today's English...in a New, Fun, and Effective Way!
This Unique Learning System Will Help You...

Learn the current vocabulary related to topics like online gaming, dating, fashion, and social media

Learn vocabulary and current sayings through fun online puzzles and games

Practice your new vocabulary with interactive activities between you and other students

Learn about social and dining etiquette and norms

Interact with other students in simulated real-world scenarios

Learn about relevant environmental issues and topics

…and much, much more!

Here is what you’re going to get with the
English for the 21st Century Learner series:

English for the 21st Century Learner- Volume 1 teaches learners about popular topics of today, such as online gaming, social media, travel, and soccer

English for the 21st Century Learner- Volume 2 exposes learners to popular social topics, such as dating, fashion, movies, and socialites

Food and Drinks for the 21st Century Learner- Special Edition covers everything from soup to dessert, beverages, and more

The Environment for the 21st Century Learner- Special Edition focuses on air, water, and plastic pollution, climate change denial, and even activists like Greta Thunberg’s impact on the world

All through fun, exciting, and interactive online content that allows you to engage and interact with like-minded peers.

Get instant access to these e-books and our fun online learning system, for only $20 each!

About the Author

English for the 21st Century Learner was created by a Canadian English teacher with teaching and

linguistics degrees, and 24 years of experience teaching English to students in places like Indonesia,

Singapore, Mongolia, Taiwan, Australia, and Korea. His decades of experience teaching EAL students

directly helped create English for the 21st Century Learner, as he was able to gather critical feedback

from real students on their learning preferences, and also learn new and effective ways of teaching

English as an Additional Language in today’s complex world.

English for 21st Century Learners is PERFECT for you if…

- You want to learn English, but have difficulty with traditional, boring learning methods

- You want to learn English related to current topics and trends

- You want to learn English that native English speakers are actually using in day-to-day conversation

- You want an affordable, effective, and FUN method for learning English as an additional language

- You want to have an opportunity to practice English with other like-minded peers, without leaving the comfort of your home

Don’t let another year go by before you upgrade your English-speaking skills. There’s no need to wait any longer to improve your English, when there is such an incredible and affordable resource available to you, at your fingertips, right now!

Sign-up for English for the 21 Century Learner today!


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One thing that is so good to me is we can learn real English vocabs and expression.

강영묵 (Kang Young-mook)

21st Century Learner

English that I didn't know came out and it was fun and very interesting. It's nice to know funny words like bring home the bacon.

정재민 (Jaemin Jung)

21st Century Learner

There are a lot of words and expressions that I have never used before, so I definitely felt a great sense of reward when I learned them, and I think the site was full of meaning to the point that I thought I could use it in my daily life in the future. Also, thanks to the many books and assignments at EAL Cafe, my confidence in English seems to be gradually increasing, so it was very good.

강형우 (Kang Hyung-woo)

21st Century Learner

I liked that it was easy to access the lecture materials.


21st Century Learner

I learned a lot of interesting things for myself. I didn’t only learn new words and slangs, but at the same time I understood how we influence the environment. I am very thankful.

Parizod Botirova

21st Century Learner

I think this software is very good and convenient. This is the first electronic textbook I have studied, and I like it very much.

천천방 (Cheon Cheon Bang)

21st Century Learner

The thing that I liked about EAL Cafe was that we could search for new information every week. We could learn about various kinds of topics that we would never learn if it wasn't this class. I enjoyed every moment learning in this class... it was great. It is a great website to learn and enjoy.

김동혁 (Donghyuk Kim)

21st Century Learner

One thing I liked about the website was that the files were well-organised and that the chapters are categorised. It was quite easy to find what I want each week.

서희주 (Seo Hee-joo)

21st Century Learner

The things I liked about EAL Cafe is that it had other ways to learn like the crossword and different types of puzzles. It was not too heavy and a nice easy way to learn instead of reading long dense PDF's or textbooks.


21st Century Learner

The great thing about the EAL website is that it is organized and easy to see. In addition, it contains all the materials we need so we should not buy or carry any books.

강은지 (Kang Eun-ji)

21st Century Learner

The good thing about EAL Cafe is that I can learn the latest words I didn't know. This is because I can learn specific words from locals that I can't find on the Internet in EAL Cafe. It seems to be a good system to be able to review and solve problems based on the words learned.


21st Century Learner

Many Interesting [games] and subjects. We can watch the homework [every] week, but we can also watch other subjects and study [them].


21st Century Learner

EAL Cafe is a website for people who want to learn English. There are many things you can learn about English. You can positively learn English very easily, secondly, you can know some strange words that you only use in America.


21st Century Learner

The good thing about EAL Cafe is that there are various units, so you can take classes with interest. I was able to actively participate in the class by solving quizzes such as filling words.


21st Century Learner

It was good to learn about topics that are commonly dealt with in daily life. After class, I mainly studied words that I thought would be used enough, and in order to improve my ability to use it, I made a script and drew a picture.

유은서 (Yoo Eun-seo)

21st Century Learner

I don't think EAL Cafe has negatives. It's the first time I have come into contact with this kind of learning content through a website. I find it very novel. Students can open it anytime and anywhere to read the learning content. Compared to textbooks, I think it's very convenient and interesting. Thank you.

Okmoon Kang

21st Century Learner

It was useful when learning because it was composed of paragraphs with various problems and pictures.


21st Century Learner

Sections were divided into units so it was easy to find the unit that we have to do in class. And also make it easy to learn and helpful to learn words. Lastly, group work was helpful to know each other in the class.

Jenny (Suran Kim)

21st Century Learner

This innovative online learning system is truly unique, and unlike any learning system I have seen before. Effective learning methodologies are incorporated throughout, along with highly engaging content. A great choice for those who want to learn modern English in a fun and effective way.

Jane Daly, MBA

CEO, The Course Academy


Most frequent questions and answers

No, although it is recommended in order to maximize your learning. However, each e-book contains independent content, so they can be purchased individually if you choose.

There are Answer Booklets available for each e-book. In addition, there are ample group work opportunities. There is also a chat feature, to enable all students to communicate with each other and help each other when needed.

Each e-book is $20 USD. Each Answer booklet (optional for students) is only $5 USD.

Absolutely not! These e-books have been created with the adult learner in mind…incorporating highly engaging and fun content within each lesson. You also get many opportunities to engage in group work with your peers, in addition to many more features that keep these from being anything like your typical boring English books.

Not at all. You can purchase any of these e-books at any time and make your way through the content at your own pace. 

Learn English the FUN way!

There is a lot of variety and differentiation in these books, so that various kinds of learners’ needs can be met. Art, role-play, fun grammar, writing and puzzles are examples of the variety of learning that will be met. Learning English has never been more fun, or easy!

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